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How to Create a Sales Funnel and Profit From It

Internet marketing is very complex and a newbie in this field may find it really difficult to understand the ins and outs of the online marketing world. Those who already have a strong background in internet marketing may always presume that anybody can easily understand the basics of online marketing.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially when they hear about a sales funnel. They cannot seem to comprehend why a sales funnel is important and basically do not know how to create a sales funnel.
A Simple Explanation of a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel can sound way too complicated when not explained in simpler terms. The good news is, there is a much simpler way to explain things and this is what we will do here. A sales funnel is designed like the regular funnel that you know. Yes, that same funnel that you use for transferring liquids from a big container to a smaller one to prevent it from spilling.
Now, what do you observe in a funnel? It basically has a big end on the top and a narrow end at the bottom. You begin pouring at the big end and the material comes out of the narrow end and eventually gets transferred to the container that you are transferring it to.

So how can you use this type of structure help in your sales campaign?
Think about it this way, as visitors come into your website, they start coming in the big end of the funnel. They encounter the products that you are selling on your website. Then they go down the funnel and slowly realize which products they are interested in.

Along the way, there will be some visitors who are not keen about purchasing the product and leave , while there are those who are sure about purchasing and continue to go down the funnel and eventually end up at the bottom of the funnel, which is where the sales takes place.

The Importance of Learning How to Create a Sales Funnel

By now you already have an understanding of a sales funnel. However, you might still be wondering if you need one for your own business. If you want your business to make a profit, then you need to have one for yourself.

Now that you are convinced that your business will need to have a sales funnel, it is time to learn how to create a sales funnel. Most internet marketers would suggest that you construct your sales funnel in such a way that you have different products to offer to every customer who goes through your funnel.

The idea is to offer various products to your potential customer as they go down your own funnel. The most ideal way of positioning your products in the funnel is to have it from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

How to Begin Convincing Customers

This is the tough part, while your website may have a lot of visits, not all of them would have that much interest and eventually end up purchasing from you. One very convincing marketing strategy is to offer a freebie. It can be one of your products or an ebook that your customers can make use of. Aside from that, you may also offer a software or basically another product. Just think of one thing, this must be something that your website visitors would want to take advantage of.

Once your potential customer avails of your freebie, it is time to offer your first inexpensive product. Ideally, this product must be less than $20. Depending on how the potential customer reacts to your first offer, you will have to offer an upsell or downsell. If the response is negative, you don’t have to give up immediately.

You begin offering a bargain priced version of your already inexpensive product. However, you will have to take off some features of the product. When the response is positive, you start offering the more expensive or upgraded version of your first product. This of course sells for a higher price, but definitely comes with more perks.
Just remember that learning how to create a sales funnel is not really difficult. All you need to do is to pay attention to the behavior of your customers. If you know what you are doing, then you can eventually bring them to the bottom of your own funnel.

How A Done For You Sales Funnel Works

A done for you Sales funnel is a type of service offered for and by entrepreneurs. If you are yet to learn the ropes of online marketing, you can choose to employ people who can better assist with your business sales funnel.

This includes, but is not limited to, having someone create your OTO pages, squeeze pages, follow up emails, and sales funnel. The rest of the online marketing process such as driving traffic to your site through content is up to you. However, more people and teams that offer sales funnel services also include tutorials to help you improve traffic.

How It Works

1. Answering The Questionnaire and Establishing Communication

The first step of acquiring a done for you Sales funnel is to provide relevant details about your business and your needs. After choosing a program that best serves the interests of your business, you would have to work closely with the sales funnel expert. The sales funnel expert will contact you after you have filled in the necessary information. From there, you discuss how to go about the project. This is where you go over specific instructions and marketing ideas. If you want to provide input during the course of the project, this is the time where you notify the sales funnel expert or team.

2. Making Important Decisions

After talking about how you want the project to go and what services you would like carried out, the next step is choosing product options such as a brand name. If the product or service you are trying to sell does not have a catchy name yet, the sales funnel expert would help you decide on one. When you have the brand name covered, you can choose among the packages offered.

Most sales experts will provide you with different package deals. Each package deal is better than the first. The less you are willing to work on the project itself, the more likely you are choosing a more expensive deal. The project manager can help you reach decisions regarding this and other concerns.

3. Getting Work Done

Some sales funnel experts will assign a project manager if they are working with teams and others would work with you alone through online communication. After making crucial decisions, the next part is carrying out those plans. This is the part of the process where you only need to provide feedback and watch someone else work on the sales funnel.

You can choose to work with the team or expert every step of the way or you can just wait for the results. When you want to revise any of the work, you should be able to request changes. Aside from waiting and reviewing the results, you will not have to do much, but rely on the expertise of the people you hired.

4. Creating Other Content

After you approve of the main content, the project manager would move to working on the rest. Supporting content includes the OTO pages, promotional videos, download pages, email setup, and other bonus features. You can add more pages if you want to further build your list.

5. Setting up the Sales Funnel

Most project managers only provide instructions on setting up the sales funnel while others would request access to site accounts so they can upload the files and content to your site themselves. After setting up the pages, you will have your chance to access the funnel and test it. Before ending the project, you should ask questions when you can so that you would require little to no support after the project ends.

6. Guaranteed Support

After the project manager sets up your sales funnel for you along with the rest of the content, they will still provide you with extra support. Professional sales funnel experts offer additional advice if you run into any issues. They can also provide you with additional feedback on how to manage your conversion rate if you require it.

Different Processes

Having someone else create a sales funnel for you may not always follow the same steps featured above. You might encounter different steps when you find someone that can work on your sales funnel needs. Before choosing a done for you Sales funnel, read the available services on the packages offered so you have a clear idea of the investment you are about to make.