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Millionaire’s Apprentice Program Review – Michael Cheney

Are you interested in learning more about Michael Cheney’s Millionaire’s Apprentice program?

Before you proceed, make sure to watch the video below which showcases how Michael’s previous program helped generate over $100,000.

Michael’s previous program, just like the Millionaire’s Apprentice program, came at a cost of $1997. However, taking into account the fact that it was able to generate over $100k, it is safe to say that the program was a smart investment.

If you’re ready to secure your spot before Michael shuts the doors, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Watch the video below and read more on this page to see what you get, in case you need a little more information before you decide to grab your spot before Michael closes the doors.

Check out this video:


Get more info from Michael on the program here:

Millionaire’s Apprentice – What it includes

Automatic Passive Income Within 24 Hours
Upon joining, payment will be received within 24 hours and monthly payments will continue as long as the clients remain active. No training, learning, or action is necessary.

The money service that pays you without requiring any effort or action on your part.
Sit back and enjoy hands-free sales with 100% commissions on all sales across the funnel. Our proven, high-converting offers are bestsellers, and we even take care of the traffic for you!

Instant Money-Making Bestsellers For Time-Crunched Marketers
Shortcut 20 years of trial and error, get instant credibility, authority and status by piggybacking on our success. Make easy sales without any persuasion or proof required from you.

Earn high commissions on backend sales!
You have the potential to earn up to $1,000 per sale without lifting a finger, thanks to our swipe and deploy promos that handle all the selling for you. In addition, our high-converting automated follow-up emails are done for you, helping you maximize your earnings.

BONUS #1 – Get a 24-hour done-for-you traffic and list building solution.
You’re also getting the 24 Hour Done For You Traffic And List. With this we will promote your link to get you hands-free traffic and get you subscribers. This is not us teaching you how to get traffic. This is us getting traffic and subscribers for you. This has a value of $2,000. If you were to try and get any of these components in the marketplace right now, or build them yourself with years of experience this is what they would cost you – bare minimum.

BONUS #2 – 7-Day Guaranteed Traffic And Sales Explosion
For a full week, we’ll promote you relentlessly to our list, resulting in a flood of leads and sales. In addition to the increased revenue, you’ll gain immediate credibility and attract interest from other major partners who want to promote you. This service alone is easily worth ten times the entry fee.

BONUS #3 – $10k/Mo. Beast Mode Blueprint
You also get access to the 10,000 Per Month Beastmode Blueprint worth $1,000. This is a simple step by step blueprint, which shows you how to take your business up to $10,000 a month. You get this as well as a member.

BONUS #4 – Hands On Helpers Taking Care Of You (For Life!)
You’ll also receive On-Call Assistance from Our Expert Helpers (for Life!) valued at $2,000. These are dedicated team members, some of whom have been working with me for over a decade, ready to assist you whenever you need help. If you encounter any roadblocks, simply reach out to them, and they’ll create personalized videos to guide you through. This type of support is invaluable and not available anywhere else.

BONUS #5 – VIP Introduction To Cheney’s JVs
In addition, you gain immediate marketing celebrity status with the VIP Introduction to Marketing Celebrities, My Partners valued at $2,000. Think of it as an exclusive club in the internet marketing world where connections are everything. With this feature, you gain access to all the contacts I have on speed dial in my cell phone. I will personally introduce you to the top names and celebrities in internet marketing, providing you with unparalleled opportunities.

BONUS #6 – How To Go From $10,000 Per Month To $100,000 – Fast [Checklist]
Accelerate from $10K per month to $100K month… We will give you this simple checklist which can take your business from $10,000 a month, up to $100,000 a month in record time. Direct map which takes you right to the money!

BONUS #7 – Get On The Fast Lane To Your Financial Freedom
As someone who started their business while working a job, I understand the desire to leave that job as quickly as possible. That’s why this bonus is so valuable – it shows you how to create sustainable “parachute profits” that will allow you to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur in record time. Plus, you’ll learn easy hacks for growing your side income while still working your day job.

BONUS #8 – The Partner Pleaser
This bonus is truly valuable as it includes a personal letter written by my wife, addressed to your own partner. In this letter, she shares her initial doubts, worries, and fears when I first started out, and how she was unsure if this business venture would work. However, she also reveals how her perspective changed and how glad she was to have supported me, as it allowed us to live the life of our dreams through the success of our internet marketing business. This letter is like a precious gem for you, as it can help you gain the support of your partner and have them by your side as you strive towards success. You will receive this letter as part of our bonus package, along with other valuable components.

The “I Will Force You To Make 10k A Month Whether You Like It Or Not” Guarantee.
If, after flipping the switch on this system, and implementing it in the way we teach for 90 days, you have not made $10K or feel you do not possess everything you need to scale to $10K per month, then I will personally work with you 1-on-1, free of charge, until you do.

The Unheard Of Guaranteed Sales In Your First 24 Hours Of Joining
Yes. You are guaranteed to make your first sales with 24 hours of joining the Program. You must follow the simple steps (takes 10-15 mins max. to tell us where to send the money).

Common questions

Will this work even if I’m technically challenged?
Yes. Because we are doing a almost all the work for you and giving you customers, leads and commissions. To scale beyond that there may be occasional “techie things” you need to do but you get access to our Hands On Technical Helpers helping you every step of the way.

What about if I don’t know how to advertise, can this work?
Yes. Because we are giving you a kickstart of traffic with this. We actually drive traffic for you to your affiliate link set up with 100% commissions so you get paid without doing anything. And then, if you want to take things to the next level, we show you easy scalable, free traffic methods and coach you on these too.

I’m not really an expert, can I still get results?
Yes. You don’t have to spend 10,000 hours becoming an expert because you are getting to piggy-back on our proven track record, credibility and authority on the marketplace.

I get distracted/lose focus – will you help me make money?
Yes. You will still get paid even if you tend to get distracted easily because the first part of the program is completely taken care of. Additionally, weekly live group sessions are available where I can provide coaching to keep you on track. Furthermore, our expert team of Hands On Technical Helpers is accessible whenever you need guidance or assistance. With our support, you don’t need to worry about losing focus. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Can I still do this if I have very little free time?
Yes. Compared to starting your own internet business from scratch, the answer would be different as we offer a lot of support. You’ll have access to instant bestselling products to sell as your own and keep all the profits. Additionally, we’ll provide you with traffic, leads, customers, and sales without requiring any effort on your part.

If I’m struggling, can I get help from you?
Yes. Similar to the philosophy of “No Child Left Behind,” we operate under a “No Person Left Behind” mentality. We are committed to ensuring your success, even if it means carrying you across the finish line. We will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s providing extra coaching, support, or guidance. Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed, and we won’t stop until we get there together.

Can I still get results without my own courses or products?
Yes. You won’t need to invest 10,000 hours to become a subject matter expert, as we provide you with our complete collection of bestsellers that you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits. Furthermore, we also offer you pre-made promotional materials that you can easily use to make sales.

Will this work without an active email list?
Yes. You can do this without a mailing list because we actually help you get one. We are sending you traffic, don’t forget. And we’ll even promote an optin page (we give you the template!) and drive traffic to that page for you to get you subscribers!

I don’t know what to do, is it easy to get started?
Yes. Once you get in to the members area just tell us where to send the money. We will then get you the instant passive income and start promoting you to get you more traffic, leads and sales. Then you just follow the rest of the simple steps (and attend the live sessions or recordings) to scale up even further.

Will you be there to assist me at any time at all?
Yes. You can count on me to be present for you during the live group coaching sessions every week. Additionally, you have the option to chat live with one of our dedicated support experts simply by clicking a button within the members area. We truly believe in the ethos of “NO PERSON LEFT BEHIND” and we are committed to it!

Without doing anything I can continue to get passive income?
Yes. As soon as you join, we grant you commissions which will continue for as long as your clients stay members of the other program. In addition, we assist you in generating traffic and support you in creating your own email list.

Can I skip all the other tools and programs with this?
Yes. No additional software, costly tools, or other programs are necessary to achieve excellent results with this.

I’m shy. Can this work even if I don’t show my fact at all?
Yes. We understand that not everyone wants to be a social media influencer or be in the spotlight. That’s perfectly fine. With our program, Michael takes on the role of being the face of the business so that you don’t have to. You can simply piggy-back on our established success, credibility, and authority to keep all the profits from sales using the pre-made, ready-to-use promotional materials. You can easily work behind the scenes and collect your earnings without having to worry about being in the public eye.

Will you help me show my partner this is a good idea?
Yes. When your partner doesn’t believe in your business or lacks passion, it can be difficult. However, with this opportunity, you’ll be able to generate instant sales and show your partner the results firsthand. Additionally, if you act quickly, you’ll receive an exclusive bonus of a personalized letter from Michael’s wife to your partner. The letter shares her story of standing by Michael and how their life is now filled with abundance and success, which can inspire your partner to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.

What about bonuses?

Members who promote this program will also get plenty of bonuses, on top of all that useful training. You ought to grab those bonuses and enjoy their benefits while you can, as this can easily add value to what you paid for.

It is wise, however, to be wary when going for certain bonuses.

You really don’t need to grab more just because you want to get more. You might end up wasting hard drive space if you are not careful enough with your choices. Worse is that you get so much information that it completely overwhelms you and stops you from taking any action on the franchise itself.

That said, be sure to simply opt for the bonuses that will complement your Millionaires Apprentice business.

Become An Apprentice:

Read this review of Richard Legg’s new training

If you’re looking to find a way to build an online income that generates in excess of six figures per year then you’ll probably want to review what Richard Legg is sharing in his free “100k apprentice” workshop.

Richard got started with online marketing back while studying full time for a physics degree.

To help with the costs of studying and living away from home, Richard was working part time but between the intense university schedule and his job, he spending some seventy hours a week either studying or working.

It didn’t take long before Richard felt that there had to be a better way to make some money and do it in a way that didn’t have such an impact on his ability to complete his course work.

There was no immediate answer but he kept researching and trying new methods until finally he found something that worked.

We hear stories of massie results overnight and this was definitely not the case, but starting out small, he was eventually able to make enough that he could quit his job in the local shop.

What’s more, it meant that he could work less hours and also choose the hours that suited him.

With consistent effort Richard was able to earn over a hundred thousand dollars by the time he was graduating from his physics degree.

The key to building a business that grew while he studied full time was to ensure it was a simple system that worked on autopilot as much as possible.

Thankfully an online business lends itself to being able to use technology to automate processes and make marketing more efficient.

Once Richard had finished his studies he had two choices – continue on building his own business or go and work for $20k as a technician in a physics lab.

As you can imagine, Richard didn’t want to settle for that when his business was going well.

By focusing on internet marketing, Richard made his first million by the time he was 28 years old.

Since then he’s built multiple six figure businesses and generated multiple millions of dollars with his own business that he runs largely by himself.

Fast forward to today, and Richard has helped thousands of customers in their efforts to make money online, and over 120,000 people have subscribed to his online email newsletter.

Thanks to his history in physics, he is able to take the complicated ideas involved in running a business but simplify them so that complete beginners can understand them too.

One of the main methods for his success has been built around creating email lists of people that you can monetize on a long term basis and that’s precisely what you’ll be able to see in the 100k Apprentice event.

Again, the system is powerful but simple, so with after a simple ten minute demonstration you’ll see how it works first hand and be able to use it.

At the end of the training you’ll be able to walk away with the information you need to start getting results for yourself.

And if you’re not a complete newbie you’ll still be covered as Richard is going to review some of his secret methods for increasing conversions and profits in your online business.

For more information and to register for the free training, just visit this link:

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